Welcome to St. David's Church & Community Centre

Who are we?

As God’s people at St David’s we exist to be an energised, vibrant, passionate, and active caring community of Jesus. We will achieve this by being Christ-centred, Community-embracing and Bringing hope.

Where are we?

St David’s is to be found on the corner of Main St and Rainforth St, in the suburb of Roslyn, on the east side of Palmerston North. It is on the road out to Ashhurst and the Manawatu Gorge. Click here to view a map

Our Community Centre has been strengthened to earthquake standards.

Currently we are worshiping at the Lychway Chapel, 5 Roy Street near Tremaine Ave.

We are very grateful for the continuing generosity of Lychway Funeral Directors in allowing us to use their facilities which suit our worship services very well.

How do you contact us?

By telephone at 06 358 3246

By email at stdavids@inspire.net.nz

By mail at 3 Rainforth Street, Palmerston North

What is unique about us?

  • Thoughtful and inspiring worship
  • Warm hospitality
  • 'Kids Friendly' recognised Church
  • A community facing attitude
  • Encouragement of each other as companions on a Christian journey.